Monday, April 28, 2008

Finding a way

I often encourage my mamas to write out their birth story before their birth. I want to hear their dream and I want to dream the same dream with them. I believe that together we can make that dream come true. It really does work if you believe in it.

I practice this magic in my own life as well. I strongly believe that I create my own reality. If I think it and put love into something it will happen. I have seen this occur in my life over and over. I have dreamed many big dreams and I have seen those dreams manifest into reality.

I have been thinking a lot lately about my dream for this path I have chosen. Where I want to go with my life and who I want to share this amazing gift with. It makes me think of myself as a young woman giving birth to my first son alone in a hospital. I was scared to death! I was embarking on a journey that was filled with unknowns. As this journey is as well. But, yet I continue with my head held high and courage in my heart knowing that one day I would find focus and things would fall into place. Today, I feel as if the clouds have parted and I can see clear as day where I am headed. What lies before me is karma. It is a road that I have walked for 34 years. It is the road of a warrior (yes, we women can be warriors too). It is the same path so many women walk everyday. Only, now I will walk with pride, head held high, stomach relaxed :) and a very loud voice that says, " I am a poor woman, that came from a working class family, that came from a long line of working class families and I have the right to live, love, reproduce and access the same loving care that the rich can access."

I believe that every woman has the right to be empowered during birth. Every woman should feel that they can afford kind, loving, gentle care from a midwife. I want to empower the poor, the gypsies, the teenage mothers. I want to go to rainbow gatherings and welcome babies in tents and teepee's. I don't want to be tied down to money, to making a living, to the word professional.

So, I am paving the way. I am creating a life that makes it possible for me to do what I love. To feel free to help my sisters without the pressing need to make money so that I can pay my bills and feed my family. Things are happening that lead me to believe that this is the right path for me. All arrows are pointing this way....and my heart says let's go!


tie-dyed doula said...

are you a CPM? Just curious because I am reading a book about CPMs and CNMs and the different approaches to education and skill etc...very interesting but I think that I am drawn to the "hands on" way of CPM training. who knows but i really felt encouraged just now reading your blog-thanks for sharing your thoughts on your path.
Shine On!!

tie-dyed doula said...

If you want to read my birth story, I'd love to share it.

Have a great day and Shine On!

Iris said...

All the best wishes to you, I`m sure you make a big difference in many Mother`s lifes!
I wish I had a midwife like you when I had my Baby! (I was very allone and scared back then :o( )

Iris said...

I`m sure you make a big difference in the lifes of many women.
I wish I had a Midwife like you when I had my son (I was aslo very scared and allone).
Keep up the great work, all the best wishes!

tie-dyed doula said...

where are you??? I am feining (sp??) a good midwife story or summary. I like your style-please post soon